Following you will find a short introduction of the different aspects of IT solutions that we can cater you with.

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Powering your digital business through cloud-based infrastructure:

Considering the rapid growth of cloud computing,cloud computing has been successful in providing business and companies with reliable, cost-effective and scalable solutions. To ensure that your business and company acquires every benefit of cloud-based IT infrastructure. Primasys deliveres a comprehensive set of services and solutions to ensure the stability, effectiveness and reliability of your digital business infrastructure.

Increasing your business sustainability:

From continual infrastructure administration and monitoring to prompt troubleshooting, we provide you with constant support to ensure a steady flow of business operations and functionalities. Whether it's the building of converged and resilient networks or comprehensive storage-based solutions, we cover every aspect of cloud-based infrastructure consulation and management.

What do we offer?

  • IT-blueprint approach
  • Standard design and innovative approach
  • Well-designed infrastructure plan with guaranteed 3-years of scalability

Information Security

Building up the guard of your business network and applications:

A well-strategized and stable collaboration of policies, methodologies, technologies and control procedures formed to guard the cloud-based systems and critical data and security information. These well-configured security initiatives ensure data and customer's privacy protection and compliance with regulatory and authentication rules. From robust security to increased traffic, cloud-based cybersecurity offers sophisticated security systems that are customizable with your infrastructure.

Take control of the business and information cybersecurity:

From security consultation and assessment to testing and improved security, Primasys provides an extensive array of services. Our cybersecurity experts and IT specialist create tailored approaches based on best practices to minimize the number of security loopholes and weaknesses in your digital infrastructure, applications and network.With complete compliance with appropriate international standards and regulations, we deliver full-scale cloud-based cybersecurity planning and assessment services.

What do we offer?

  • Information security risk assessment
  • Information security program and measures
  • Information security management system
  • Integration of technologically advanced security approaches

Enterprise & Secure Collaboration

Innovating the way of collaboration and process:

Enterprise collaboration is changing the fundamental requirements of every business and industry. With efficient and effective collaboration strategies in operation, companies now are able to double up their productivity and revenues. With higher and deeper connections with the affiliates and end-to-end consumers, enterprise collaboration is changing the dynamics of the business environment and culture.

Streamlining the processes and teams:

Where collaboration is all about how people, processes, and business operations interact with each other, integration of advanced technology makes it easier to communicate and interact beyond the business environment. Here at Primasys, we address the evolving requirements of the business environment while leading towards the path of increased growth and higher development.

What do we offer?

  • Private Enterprise Collaboration
  • Private Cloud Storage
  • Private Secure Collaboration
  • White Level Application
  • On-premise Collaboration System

Advisory/Consulting Services

Amplifying the potentials of your business:

Where Cloud computing is expanding the business the dynamics, it is bringing about larger and significant digital transformation in the business world. With cost-effective infrastructure design and increased operational flexibility, cloud-based business solutions are imperative—that’s why Cloud-based advisory services are now an integral part of every business and enterprise.

Your pathway for future possibilities and cloud-based opportunities:

Cloud-based solutions are more than just advanced technology; they are the innovators and necessity for future business prospects. Here at Primasys, we convert your business possibilities into workable plans and strategies. With business acumen combined technology, our expert advisors provide you with the right solutions well-suited with your business needs and requirements.

What do we offer?

  • Cloud infrastructure design
  • Readiness assessment
  • Health-checks
  • Development of strategic cloud initiatives
  • Cloud Migration

Managed Cloud-based IT services

Tapping into the power of the cloud to expand business capacities:

Managed cloud is more than just an advanced version of cloud computing; rather, it is an innovative way to acquire a competitive edge. However, the higher the number of complex clouds systems higher the managing challenges.

Partnering to escape the challenges and hassles:

Where managing numerous cloud systems can increase the IT infrastructure cost, it can also deviate the business from the core objectives. Hiring a managed cloud service provider can save you from all these challenges and a lot more hassles. Here at Primasys, we let you work on and improve the business objectives while our experts focus on all the management issues and concerns related to your cloud-based IT infrastructure.

What do we offer?

  • Design applications
  • Third-part applications management
  • Customer acquisition and lasting relationships

Fraud Management

Keeping you away from the deceptions of digital frauds:

When it comes to successful fraud protection, it all boils down effective decision making— accepting scam-free offers and rejecting the phishing schemes. A wining fraud protection plan not only increases the business revenues; rather, it also lets you focus and work on the primary operations and objectives of the business. For that very reason, cloud-based fraud management and protection services are now imperative for every digital business organization and company.

Protect your business from potential frauds and scams:

Here at Primasys, we provide you with comprehensive IT fraud management and prevention services to help in monitoring, managing and avoiding fraudulent schemes. We help our clients in optimizing their business revenues and scaling up their growth rate in today’s challenging marketplace and digital landscapes filled with malicious fraud schemes and risks.

What do we offer?

  • Fraud risk assessment
  • Integration advanced approaches
  • Fraud management systems

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